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DWI test

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You deserve the best legal representation when charged with a DWI or DUI. Let our experience help you. Together, we'll work to try and get you the best outcome possible. With the competitive rates you get with us, reliable defense won't break the bank.

  • Be polite

  • Remain silent

  • Don't answer questions

  • Don't take the standardized field sobriety test

  • Don't take any blood or breath tests

  • You are being recorded and videotaped at all stages (on the street and in the car)

  • Don't give evidence against yourself

Know what can be used in your DWI trial:  

  • Shoes worn at the time of arrest

  • Wind conditions

  • Slope of road

  • Who was with you at the time of the stop

  • Where you had been before the stop

  • How much time elapsed before the breath or blood test was taken

  • How your blood was taken

  • How your blood was handled after drawn

  • Whether a search warrant was issued for your blood test